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Welcome! Thank you for stopping in. Grab a cup of tea, give the kids some crayons and coloring books and let’s get to know each other. Mom to mom.

I am a proud stay at home mom of two beautiful little ladies! I have discovered that well… I’m found to be strange. Strange? Yes, I know it’s bold to say! But it’s strange that Mothers are frowned down for wanting to stay at home and raise their children, granted I know we all can’t… I’ve been there too! But that if we choose to do so were looked down upon. That society doesn’t support us for wanting to be here to teach our children, to have fun making home cooked meals, to be “okay” with the accepting this “homemaker” title and allowing us to be okay with it. AND INDULGE IN THE TITLE!!!

I have decided to create this Blog for mothers who stay at home or those who don’t/cant and need some inspiration. We all are mothers and we need to support each other and inspire each other. Here you will find:

Books that help, Homeschooling helps for newbies (This will be our first year… follow our journey), recipes, cleaning ideas, marital fun, recipes, How To’s to get the children involved… and all those hot topics that help us as Home Making  Momma’s!!!

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About imthehomemakingmomma

I want to help mom's like me who love to be at home! Who homeschool or want to be inspired by a homeschooling mom, who craft, who play with their kids, who cooks or wants to be inspired by anything! Society doesn't let us be okay with being "homemakers", they make the label look so bad. I'm here to say that Home Making Momma's are beautiful, intelligent, witty, and hold all those titles of Accountant, Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Business Owner, and the list goes on... without fancy degrees (if you have one, that's awesome too, don't get me wrong)!!! But that we love our jobs!!!! Why would we want to do anything else but care for our children and spouse!!!

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  1. Ok, so I clicked “Love it! Am a seasoned pro”…. haha! says who? I LOVE your blog. You’re helping to inspire me to get back to mine. If successful, I’ll send you a link. 🙂

  2. Yes, I have been frowned upon as well. But when you know that you’re in the Lord’s perfect will for your life, you just give a big smile and just keep going on. 🙂

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