This year we are first time homeschoolers of a Kindergarten aged child. There are so many resources out there I thought I would take time to write about some of the great people whom have shared internet resources out there for people like me and non-first time homeschoolers who may want to make some changes in their curriculum or get more organized.

My latest find that I wanted to share with you (please check my profile as I will update that with other resources that I like for homeschooling), is Donna Young’s website. Before we all go clicking on the link I’m about to provide please let me share why I like this site and why she seems like someone not worthy!

Donna Young started this site in 1998 when she got a computer that she could get online (back in those days it was something new, funny to think). She was a homeschooling mom that thought she would organize herself on the computer. This is when she started the site. She makes all of her own forms, and helps. It’s really exciting to think that she does this all herself and shares with us fellow homeschoolers.

If your like me I have a calendar posted everywhere. When you are a Home Making Momma it’s easy to lose the concept of time when you don’t have to keep track of where the weekend is going to begin other than the joy of your spouse being home. For us here in our home my husband works odd days and it’s just simply difficult to keep track of. There are a slew of organizers to print off this site.

Please enjoy! Leave a comment of what you thought of her page and if you have a page to suggest that would be of benefit to a homeschooling mom out there or a working momma who wants to help do her thing at home to supplement the children’s education.

Here is Donna’s link:

Don’t forget to comment on my post 🙂

Please check out her tab “New to homeschooling”


Getting prepared


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