Dinner Day, every day?


I absolutely love FOOD! I love to eat, I enjoy cooking and experimenting. I just dread having to cook everyday (sigh). Where we live the temperature can get up there and with the heat sometimes eating is the farthest away from your mind, or what I planned on cooking just doesn’t fit the bill. I’m curious how do you plan meals and what do you do in those moments you don’t feel like cooking.

Many inspiring Home Making Momma’s suggest preparing meals ahead of time and freezing them. I agree! Tho my husband has a serious complex against this. Please include yourself in my poll so we can hear what mom’s are doing.

Also please feel free to leave a comment 🙂


About imthehomemakingmomma

I want to help mom's like me who love to be at home! Who homeschool or want to be inspired by a homeschooling mom, who craft, who play with their kids, who cooks or wants to be inspired by anything! Society doesn't let us be okay with being "homemakers", they make the label look so bad. I'm here to say that Home Making Momma's are beautiful, intelligent, witty, and hold all those titles of Accountant, Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Business Owner, and the list goes on... without fancy degrees (if you have one, that's awesome too, don't get me wrong)!!! But that we love our jobs!!!! Why would we want to do anything else but care for our children and spouse!!!

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