First Day of School


Here at our home we have kicked off our first day of Kindergarten in our homeschool chapter (of our life that is), I was excited to see on many blogs that I follow that today was their first day as well. I have to say it’s rewarding to sit with your child and be free to teach bible to them in the comfort and safety of their home with their father by their side! What a blessing!!! I was however sad to read on many blogs that so many homeschool families are under the weather (eeew!), it looks like there are many fevers going on out there in homes and sick kid’s! Prayers go out to all of you homeschooling families and those who are preparing to start the traditional school year, may you all stay well and strong this school year.


About imthehomemakingmomma

I want to help mom's like me who love to be at home! Who homeschool or want to be inspired by a homeschooling mom, who craft, who play with their kids, who cooks or wants to be inspired by anything! Society doesn't let us be okay with being "homemakers", they make the label look so bad. I'm here to say that Home Making Momma's are beautiful, intelligent, witty, and hold all those titles of Accountant, Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Business Owner, and the list goes on... without fancy degrees (if you have one, that's awesome too, don't get me wrong)!!! But that we love our jobs!!!! Why would we want to do anything else but care for our children and spouse!!!

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  1. It’s refreshing to meet someone who enjoys being a mom! I was thinking this morning (I have a young infant and still in the little-sleep stage) that I have so much to be grateful for as a mom – 2 beautiful boys that I get to take care of. Amazing how gratitude can turn the whole day around 🙂 That must be why God told us to rejoice always. It’s good for us!
    ps-As a mom, you may appreciate this link or know someone in your community who could benefit. It’s called the Mom’s Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( and has great tips for all ages. My oldest son and I were battling tooth brushing each night but this site gives some tips on how to make it fun and that started me on some research that has made teeth brushing so much more joyful at our house.

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