The love of learning


Do you love to learn? I sure do. I try to teach my children that every moment is an opportunity to learn. I think we are always learning! We can learn anywhere too, in our comfy chair, in a car, on a plane, on a bus, during a walk, swim, horse ride, at the park, in church… wherever it may be were always learning.

My day was a little full while trying to catch up from our camping trip… where we learned about turkey when we had the privilege of seeing 18 or so, more about our latest fascination… ELK while we heard them gathering  near the watering tank we camped near, we learned about different species of tree’s, oak, juniper, pine, cedar and we learned about what animals eat off of these trees. We learned about fires as we drove the highway where they were in the progress of a control burn, we could see flames, and smouldering areas, the Forest Service personnel hard at work. We were able to put so much into action while we just took the time to learn about our surroundings. No, it wasn’t a formal sit down school lesson, it was just appreciating all of God’s works in the beautiful outdoors. While having the privilege of sunshine and fresh air, and sharing in great memorable conversations with our children.

Do you take every moment to talk to your kids? You may just be surprised that you are teaching while they ask questions. It’s really a magical moment.


About imthehomemakingmomma

I want to help mom's like me who love to be at home! Who homeschool or want to be inspired by a homeschooling mom, who craft, who play with their kids, who cooks or wants to be inspired by anything! Society doesn't let us be okay with being "homemakers", they make the label look so bad. I'm here to say that Home Making Momma's are beautiful, intelligent, witty, and hold all those titles of Accountant, Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Business Owner, and the list goes on... without fancy degrees (if you have one, that's awesome too, don't get me wrong)!!! But that we love our jobs!!!! Why would we want to do anything else but care for our children and spouse!!!

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