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 Where I live I have noticed that there are people who are teaching lessons to fellow homeschooling families. They are charging small fees and opening up the doors to their churches or elsewhere to teach! What do you all think of that? I find it very interesting and see that it is geared to a more “older” crowd of kids, which is awesome (Algebra and Biology wasn’t my strong point as a teen!)

In many ways I believe this to be encouraging, I know that many homeschooling families can reach out to others as a support for teaching their high school aged child, but not all are blessed with that kind of support. This is a great way to meet other families with children in your child’s age group, financially help in a small way to a local family and perhaps learn something from your fellow homeschool parent.

This brings up another question, what do you think about introducing a business idea to your child that would help fellow homeschooling families? 

My states homeschool convention had so many booths that were homeschooling families that had started their own curriculum, their own planners, even t-shirts and toys made by their children. Do you teach any business skills to your child?

I really want to hear your ideas on this. Please leave a comment and let’s get our wheels turning.



About imthehomemakingmomma

I want to help mom's like me who love to be at home! Who homeschool or want to be inspired by a homeschooling mom, who craft, who play with their kids, who cooks or wants to be inspired by anything! Society doesn't let us be okay with being "homemakers", they make the label look so bad. I'm here to say that Home Making Momma's are beautiful, intelligent, witty, and hold all those titles of Accountant, Nurse, Teacher, Chef, Business Owner, and the list goes on... without fancy degrees (if you have one, that's awesome too, don't get me wrong)!!! But that we love our jobs!!!! Why would we want to do anything else but care for our children and spouse!!!

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  1. Hey Stephanie

    As I read your post, I thought of a couple resourses you or others might be interested in. First, there’s a book called “Minding Your Own Business” by Raymond and Dorothy Moore. In the back of the book there’s a whole list of ideas for home businesses. The second resourse comes from SimplyCharotteMason.com. It’s a business course and there are 3 themes to choose from: pet store, sports store, or a book store. I haven’t ordered it yet, but I plan to soon. Here is the direct link to the site where you can order it: http://simplycharlottemason.com/books/your-business-math/

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