I am a mother in her mid-twenties struggling to get it all done, do what I crave and please everyone. I felt the pressure to do so much more than just be a “homemaker”, I felt silly the few times I had to put it down on an application. I was always looking at what I want for a “career” and trying to figure out how that career would fit into my family life.

Today I’m at  peace with raising my children and providing a home life to them and the needs of my husband while he is away at work. I take pride in the “homemaker” title and someday I may have a “career” but for now I love my job! We have had financial times that have called my husband to be home more than I with our children, and I to work fulltime. I was happy, that only lasted a few months but it really helped us realize the balance it brings for our family to have home cooked meals, organization, homeschool opportunities, etc.

I am displeased with the sad stereotype society has put on stay-at-home-mothers and mothers in general! We are beautiful, strong, intelligent we don’t all hold degrees in the areas of Nursing, Accounting, Chef Skills, Baker, Librarian, Teacher, and this list goes on… but THAT’S what we are! And I know we all love it!!!

Now I know that it’s not realistic for some mothers to be at home fulltime. Please, know I completely understand because it’s not always been possible for us. It’s still difficult at times. We rely on our faith that God will provide to us a lot of the time and my husband can work grueling hours. I want to help inspire you, support you as I have been there and understand!

I created Home Making Momma because we are mothers who whatever our case may be, need to inspire and support each other. I’m hoping you will find that here. If you are looking for help in an area please contact me and I would love to see what I can find or suggest.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a seasoned expert in any area of being a Home Making Momma, I try my best to reference and claim credit to those who inspire me and are helping me learn to be the best I can. It’s important that we all claim Christ as our leader to discovering the “how to” in life.


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