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The love of learning


Do you love to learn? I sure do. I try to teach my children that every moment is an opportunity to learn. I think we are always learning! We can learn anywhere too, in our comfy chair, in a car, on a plane, on a bus, during a walk, swim, horse ride, at the park, in church… wherever it may be were always learning.

My day was a little full while trying to catch up from our camping trip… where we learned about turkey when we had the privilege of seeing 18 or so, more about our latest fascination… ELK while we heard them gathering  near the watering tank we camped near, we learned about different species of tree’s, oak, juniper, pine, cedar and we learned about what animals eat off of these trees. We learned about fires as we drove the highway where they were in the progress of a control burn, we could see flames, and smouldering areas, the Forest Service personnel hard at work. We were able to put so much into action while we just took the time to learn about our surroundings. No, it wasn’t a formal sit down school lesson, it was just appreciating all of God’s works in the beautiful outdoors. While having the privilege of sunshine and fresh air, and sharing in great memorable conversations with our children.

Do you take every moment to talk to your kids? You may just be surprised that you are teaching while they ask questions. It’s really a magical moment.


Wish List… ICE CREAM


Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream MakerI know I’ve thrown a lot of links everybody’s way. But, I love coming up with things that is easy for the children to take part in. We make bread with a bread machine to (I know it’s cheating, lol) but I love that the girls can mix the ingredients and watch something form. It’s a good science experiment watching it change from one state to another liquid, powder and such to bread! OR ICE CREAM… YUM!

This is on my wish list for our family. Do you ladies make ice cream of your own? We went to some close friends home for dinner and she whipped up a treat for us using confetti cake batter, it was so good. And the machine was quiet and it literally was done in just a few minutes.

First Day of School


Here at our home we have kicked off our first day of Kindergarten in our homeschool chapter (of our life that is), I was excited to see on many blogs that I follow that today was their first day as well. I have to say it’s rewarding to sit with your child and be free to teach bible to them in the comfort and safety of their home with their father by their side! What a blessing!!! I was however sad to read on many blogs that so many homeschool families are under the weather (eeew!), it looks like there are many fevers going on out there in homes and sick kid’s! Prayers go out to all of you homeschooling families and those who are preparing to start the traditional school year, may you all stay well and strong this school year.



We recently attended our states Families for Home Educating conference. We listened to a great speaker Mike Smith that is part of the HSLDA (Homeschool legal defense association) and he gave a great talk to fathers (that I had the pleasure of sitting in on) and the roles they play. It was a common theme among speakers to talk about that Husbands/Fathers are the head of the household… it says so in the bible… look it up! One thing that struck a chord with me was Mike asked the question, “How many of you have a budge?” there were many hands in the room raised including ours. He stated that all Christian families should have a budget, his regretfully was to make more than what was going out but he admitted that wasn’t good enough!

With all of these hands raised it made me ponder the question, what does these families budget look like… and I don’t mean how much money to they make, or what are their bills or debt to income ratio. I mean physically what does it look like and what systems do they use. I know it’s always been hard for us when I’ve set a budget in place and my husband is using the debit card, I’m using the debit card and neither of us are aware that they other has used it (eeek!).

Another thing I wondered is how many of these husbands really were involved in the finances or managed them themselves! My husband is the sole provider in our home and I make the budget sit and go over it with him and we discuss that month and our goals.We’ve tried cash systems in the past, and let me tell you IT REALLY WORKS! I mean REALLY WORKS! We always seem to have more money left at the end of the week than if we just used our debit cards alone. We are going back to this system, and I plan on to post on our progress.

One thing to remember is when the cash envelope is empty… it’s gone! Keep that in mind when you look into these links 🙂 Please post and perhaps help us with some ideas or thoughts on the subject.

I wanted to share with you:

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