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Savvycents for the fashionably frugal!I have looked all over the web for an easy solution to carry a cash system. This is so wonderful and very affordable. I wanted to share with you as I think it’s something that could make life a little easier for any of us who COUPON or are dedicated to a CASH SYSTEM. It’s a handy wallet that should be fashionable, functional and fairly affordable. ENJOY!

Savvycents Wallet for use with the envelope budgeting system. Organize your cash and coupons in a fashionable way using the Savvycents coupon walletIt comes in three colors and here is a video that really helps see the inside of the wallet.




We recently attended our states Families for Home Educating conference. We listened to a great speaker Mike Smith that is part of the HSLDA (Homeschool legal defense association) and he gave a great talk to fathers (that I had the pleasure of sitting in on) and the roles they play. It was a common theme among speakers to talk about that Husbands/Fathers are the head of the household… it says so in the bible… look it up! One thing that struck a chord with me was Mike asked the question, “How many of you have a budge?” there were many hands in the room raised including ours. He stated that all Christian families should have a budget, his regretfully was to make more than what was going out but he admitted that wasn’t good enough!

With all of these hands raised it made me ponder the question, what does these families budget look like… and I don’t mean how much money to they make, or what are their bills or debt to income ratio. I mean physically what does it look like and what systems do they use. I know it’s always been hard for us when I’ve set a budget in place and my husband is using the debit card, I’m using the debit card and neither of us are aware that they other has used it (eeek!).

Another thing I wondered is how many of these husbands really were involved in the finances or managed them themselves! My husband is the sole provider in our home and I make the budget sit and go over it with him and we discuss that month and our goals.We’ve tried cash systems in the past, and let me tell you IT REALLY WORKS! I mean REALLY WORKS! We always seem to have more money left at the end of the week than if we just used our debit cards alone. We are going back to this system, and I plan on to post on our progress.

One thing to remember is when the cash envelope is empty… it’s gone! Keep that in mind when you look into these links 🙂 Please post and perhaps help us with some ideas or thoughts on the subject.

I wanted to share with you:

What is a  cash system? Let Dave Ramsey explain… please look here:

Cute Cash Envelop Systems for purchase… check out etsy:



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Welcome! Thank you for stopping in. Grab a cup of tea, give the kids some crayons and coloring books and let’s get to know each other. Mom to mom.

I am a proud stay at home mom of two beautiful little ladies! I have discovered that well… I’m found to be strange. Strange? Yes, I know it’s bold to say! But it’s strange that Mothers are frowned down for wanting to stay at home and raise their children, granted I know we all can’t… I’ve been there too! But that if we choose to do so were looked down upon. That society doesn’t support us for wanting to be here to teach our children, to have fun making home cooked meals, to be “okay” with the accepting this “homemaker” title and allowing us to be okay with it. AND INDULGE IN THE TITLE!!!

I have decided to create this Blog for mothers who stay at home or those who don’t/cant and need some inspiration. We all are mothers and we need to support each other and inspire each other. Here you will find:

Books that help, Homeschooling helps for newbies (This will be our first year… follow our journey), recipes, cleaning ideas, marital fun, recipes, How To’s to get the children involved… and all those hot topics that help us as Home Making  Momma’s!!!

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